Vibration Sensors scenarios (2nd)

In the previous blog post, we looked at companies and industries that can gain a lot of value by using vibration sensors. Starting with the HVAC industry, the food and beverage industry and the chemical industry can detect, remediate, and prevent downtime using vibration sensors. Today, we will visit the scenarios in which vibration sensors are used in the oil and gas industries and in the automobile industry.

Oil and gas industry

Oil and gas operators have facilities in remote places that experience weather extremes, dust and sand. Engineers and technicians need rugged technology to live up to the rigors of these locations. With any smart device, your company can see the core facilities’ status without traveling to difficult-to-access sites.

sensors for oil & gas industry

For the oil and gas industry, the production site is often very far away, which is time-consuming and costly. Therefore, #diagnosing key #facilities and equipment conditions without moving to production sites is important in many ways. First, the sensor system can significantly reduce response time by proactively diagnosing faults. If an effective response is possible, installation downtime can be minimized, which is directly related to productivity and corporate revenue.

Automotive industry

If someone asks you to choose a complex, long, and labor-intensive industry, the auto industry will definitely be in the top five. Due to the large number of parts per vehicle and the long production and assembly process, it takes a variety of facilities and processes to complete the product. And what’s important is that these processes are linked to one process. If a problem occurs at a particular point, it will cause problems in the entire production process.

sensors for automotive industry

The amount of damage that happens is as tremendous as anyone can imagine. That’s why many auto companies are introducing the scaling condition monitoring programs for enterprise-level facilities and it has been proved that the programs is a very cost-prohibitive way. With a multitude of assets, cost-effective installation of sensors is key. Sensors that are easy to implement allow your team to economically extend coverage throughout the all plants.

Water and wastewater sector

One of the things that happens in every country in the world is rapid urbanization. Rapid urbanization causes many problems. Typical issues include soaring housing prices, increased travel time due to increased vehicles, and decreased air quality. And the other problem that’s hiding is the supply and management of water resources.

Cities that are created with thorough planning are fine, but cities that are not often poorly supplied and managed basic resources (such as utilities, electricity, water, etc.) that are essential to human life. And because these elements are directly linked to the welfare level of citizens, they need more sophisticated operations and management.

sensors for water distribution

More important than the financial costs, pump downtime in water distribution and wastewater plants negatively impacts customer access and water quality. Installing vibration sensors on noncritical assets ensures that water plant teams move more maintenance in-house, reduce costs and minimize time-based routes.

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