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The main purpose of a device at a mountain stream site is to maintain (predicted maintenance) the device before the outbreak of the device, with two parts of confirmation of two types of ovarian defense. May decides the vibrations of the use of the station, which was memorized in advance.

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Vibration analysis of devices operating in industrial phenomena has already been used for decades to diagnose faults. However, it has spread greatly in tandem with the spread of personal computer adoption. Vibration analysis can be defined as measuring the frequency and frequency of an industrial device and using that information to determine the state of the device and its components.

Vibration Analysis (진동분석) – 모빌리오

Vibration analysis focuses on determining the vibration, amplitude, and cause of vibration in a part or device. Almost all machines (motors, pumps, etc.) operate, and they produce constant vibrations. Vibration occurs even in normal circumstances, but also due to excessive pressure on the device, material wear, and the device’s fatigue scale. In the latter case, it’s likely to lead to a serious problem.

The oscillation of the device can be measured by an accelerometer. The accelerometers generate voltage signals proportional to the frequency of the oscillations and the frequency of the oscillations and determine how much vibration occurs over a given period of time (seconds, minutes, time). The voltage signal from the accelerometer is gathered in the data acquisition device, which is a time waveform (vibration vs. It can be stored in either time) or high speed Fourier transform (vibration vs. frequency) formats, or both. Analysis of stored data can be done using experienced vibration analysts or computer program algorithms. The analyzed data is then used to check the “status” of the instrument and to identify problems such as lack of alignment, imbalance, bearing and lubricant problems, and screw loose.

Below is an illustration of the vibration that occurs during the operation of the cutting.

Visualization information of vibration from cutting tools (Mobilio)

Let’s think of a simple example. If you take one wing off an industrial large fan and switch it on, the fan is out of balance, so every turn of the wing will produce abnormal vibrations and noises. And if this is repeated for a certain period of time, the fan is likely to fail.

Vibration parameter

So what are some of the factors available for the vibration analysis of the device? The main parameters available for vibration analysis are::

● Frequency: The time required for a single vibration cycle. Vibration analysis uses cycles per second (Cycles Per Minute) or Hz (Hertz) in units.

● Displacement: A parameter showing the total distance that the variable element has moved from one end to the other.

● Speed & Acceleration: Analysis based on the speed and acceleration ratio of vibration.

● Direction: Vibration occurs in three linear and three rotation directions.

● Free Vibration: This means that the system is momentarily vibrating due to some reason.

● Forced Vibration: A continuous vibration is caused by mechanical causes.

Common reasons for vibrating elements such as devices and parts include:

● Vibration due to equipment imbalance (rotating machine)

● Vibration due to poor alignment (rotating machine)

● Vibration due to bearing failure

● Vibration due to gear and belt problems (lack of lubrication, increased friction, etc.)

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