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CONNECTIVITY within the manufacturing process is not new. Yet recent trends such as the rise of the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0 and the convergence of the digital and physical worlds—including information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT)— have made the transformation of the supply chain increasingly possible. Shifting from linear, sequential supply chain operations to an interconnected, open system of supply operations—known as the digital supply network—could lay the foundation for how companies compete in the future.

To fully realize the digital supply network, however, manufacturers likely need to unlock several capabilities: horizontal integration through the myriad operational systems that power the organization; vertical integration through connected manufacturing systems; and end-to-end, holistic integration through the entire value chain.

The smart factory represents a leap forward from more traditional automation to a fully connected and flexible system—one that can use a constant stream of data from connected operations and production systems to learn and adapt to new demands. A true smart factory can integrate data from systemwide physical, operational, and human assets to drive manufacturing, maintenance, inventory tracking, digitization of operations through the digital twin, and other types of activities across the entire manufacturing network. The result can be a more efficient and agile system, less production downtime, and a greater ability to predict and adjust to changes in the facility or broader network, possibly leading to better positioning in the competitive marketplace.

Many manufacturers are already leveraging components of a smart factory in such areas as advanced planning and scheduling using real-time production and inventory data, or augmented reality for maintenance. But a true smart factory is a more holistic endeavor, moving beyond the shop floor toward influencing the enterprise and broader ecosystem. The smart factory is integral to the broader digital supply network and has multiple facets that manufacturers can leverage to adapt to the changing marketplace more effectively.

But the starting point for all of this is how to create high-quality data and deliver it to the systems and services you need. Companies’ production activities – logistics, production and distribution – are producing huge amounts of data at each stage, but many companies are still underutilized. Mobileio sensing solutions and services have been launched to recognize this problem and find solutions.

The ultimate goal of the Smart Factory solution that Moblio pursues is to solve problems for manufacturers – from securing quality data to analyzing and solving problems using it.

Mobilio is a vibration monitoring solution company


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