Smart factory – Bearing fault detection system (2)

Evidence of bearing failure found

Based on the data mentioned above, the company’s maintenance team intervened in the machine to determine if there was a defect in the bearing, which represents the current demonstrated by a unique mark on the bearing track as shown below. On the other hand, the mark represents the overall health condition of the machine and can cause other possible problems such as ground problems, power outages, overloads, or short circuits. The history of investigative machines through cross-checking of information is essential at this stage.

Analyze after rolling change

After the replacement of the rolling bearings, significant reductions in vibration levels can be seen in terms of continuous monitoring, spectral and waveform analysis. The following image shows a reduction in this level in continuous vibration terms.

In conclusion, this level reduction is visible in the waveform and is shown on the same scale in the figure below.

Waveform in case of failure

Waveform After Bearing Replacement

Summary of signal parameters in the acceleration time series (g)

(source: Mynomox)

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