Machine defect monitoring

It is a sophisticated interconnected system of sensors, monitors, circuits, hardware and software to collect, record, analyze and communicate data about elevator operations 24/7.
Moblio system optimizes performance and minimize downtime.

Smart Factory (Industry 4.0)

Smart manufacturing is a broad category of manufacturing with the goal of optimizing concept generation, production, and product transaction

Industrial connectivity devices and services


A unique feature of our system is the an acoustooptical scanning system, consisting of a deflector and a hardware complex, providing a speed 1,000,000…10,000,000 points per second with the best performance on the market

Acoustooptical laser lidar operating in the visible and infrared wavelength range.

Deep Learning

Deep learning models are vaguely inspired by information processing and communication pattern

Camera inspection

Autonomous vehicle prototype

Machine vision capabilities will play an increasingly important role in the development of autonomous vehicles, making autonomous vehicles

Block-based coding

AR and robot coding education platform

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